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Company Profile

Toledo Mudlogging Services, Inc. is a mud logging service company designed to aid geologists and drilling engineers to make timely, informed decisions regarding operations. This is accomplished through competent, experienced employees and the most technologically advanced equipment that our industry has to offer.

We were founded in 2002, and logged our first well in early 2003. To date, we have completed over 2000 wells in South Louisiana, North Louisiana, East Texas, South Texas, Permian Basin, Alabama, Arkansas, Nevada, New Mexico and Mississippi. Our strength comes from experience in the field, equipment, and technical support. Our president, Michael Danos has 15 years experience in the mud logging industry. Joe Eidson, vice president provides an extensive background in sales and customer support in the mudlogging industry. Ray Meech designed and built our gas panels utilizing his 40 years experience with gas panels and computer equipment. Our mudlogging staff includes 8 degreed geologists and numerous unit managers with 15 or more years experience.

Currently Toledo mudlogging operates 40 land units, 5 skid units and has the ability to acquire more units when needed. The data acquisition program utilized by Toledo Mudlogging is a Microsoft XP based system. This allows us to easily convert, transfer, or zip files at the operator’s request. We are also compatible with many programs used by today’s geo scientists such as Logplot7, Mainlog, WellSight, & LAS Data Files.

Quality and safety standards are considered integral parts of Toledo Mudlogging's corporate structure. The unit manager of each logging unit retains overall responsibility for application of both safety and quality directives. Each unit manager maintains close contact with our operations managers to ensure that our quality and safety standards are upheld. Toledo Mudlogging Services is a member of the ISNetworld website. (Toledo Mudlogging’s safety manual is available upon request.)

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